I am a puppeteer and puppet-maker based in London. I have spent the past 15 years creating puppet shows and touring them across Europe. I also paint theatrical posters and design theatre sets. I have ran workshops with all ages in England and Portugal at festivals, in hospitals and in schools.

Puppetry is also a very accessible art form, with a strong emotional link with infancy on one level and on another level touches a primaeval use of imagination that animates the inanimate, linked with the most ancient of religious rituals. My construction technique is well honed but based in simple sewing/wrapping.

The workshops that I run use simple and recycled materials constructing puppets using foam, thin tights and string or thin wire and old clothes and old packaging materials. The puppets are often created by wrapping the wire/string around the tights stuffed with foam or similar cushion stuffing. The effects are striking and accessible to a wide skill base of all ages above 6 years old.The puppets constructed are rod or glove puppets.

Puppetry can are effective tools in the exploration of many subjects on many levels – making historical events personal, geographical locations can be explored and even complicated large scale events re-enacted with ease.

Puppets can be created to explore and investigate any aspect of the National Curriculum.

The puppet only comes alive when manipulated and I run short or more in depth.

Comments about previous puppet-making workshops:

“Making the puppets was more fun than I could ever imagined it. Helen came all the way from London to show us how to create and express ourselves through puppet making. Helen was a pleasure to work with and her enthusiasm soon rubbed off onto us.

The manipulation of the puppets was both exhilarating and fun. Watch out for those freaky eyes lol. Poor Lady Haversham will never be the same again. And the staff at John Pounds will probably never forget the sight of her arms falling down the side of the unit, lol. Helen was a true artist picking up the most ordinary items and using them to show her skills – calling the class puppet making did not describe the fun we had. Thank you Helen from all the Heart2art group”

Party Type:

Birthday, Christening, Christmas, Easter, Engagement, Halloween, New Year, School Prom, Wedding


Greater London

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