Crazy Golf it has many different names like Miniature Golf etc… But it’s great and great fun! Let’s see you putting skills! Our Mini Golf Courses can be set-up inside or outside. Each hole is 8ft long x 3ft wide with lots of obstacles to get passed! There are nine different holes to play with various degrees of skill! Our Mini Golf Courses come with Putters for Adults or Children! Come one, any Tiger Woods out there!?

Skittle Alley: WOW! SKITTLES! Great fun and Great entertainment! Skittles.... They are back in vogue! Everybody's playing them! Lots of great fun and enjoyment! Suitable for all ages and abilities!

Giant Mega 4: Strategy, skill and of course luck combined in this very well known game. Great fun for Everyone! Can you form a line of 4 before your opponent does?

Sack Racing: 5 sacks, 5 different colours, 5 different characters, so take on your character, get inside, grip the sides and start jumping! Race around the Garden, make a course with a start & finish, race away! Lots of variations - relays with sack changeovers or figure-of-8 courses.

Get Knotted:  A giant version of a very popular game, involves a lot more twisting!

Giant Hi-Tower: Skill, strategy, suspense, it has it all! Build the tower up and take it in turns to remove a block. See who will cause the whole Tower to tumble down!

Giant Snakes and Ladders: Remember this as a child? Rather than moving the counters its you who moves! Go up the Ladders & down the Snakes.

Party Type:

Birthday, Christening, Christmas, Easter, Engagement, Halloween, New Year, School Prom, Wedding



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