Meet A Creature's animal handling workshops bring the school science curriculum to life, allowing pupils to see - and feel - the differences between animal groups. Our fascinating collection includes reptiles, amphibians, mammals and insects and each has been hand-reared to ensure they are relaxed and happy to be handled.

We offer a range of workshops linked to the primary and secondary school curriculums and can also provide bespoke presentations to address particular natural science subjects. Our experienced Rangers have enhanced CRB checks and are fully covered by public liability insurance. Risk assessments are also supplied as standard.

Below are a list of workshops and a brief outline of their content however we are flexible and can, as mentioned, tailor any workshop to meet your needs.

Pre-School and Foundation Stage

See It - Feel It

A hands on experience for under fives who are introduced to some exciting creatures with scales, fur or shells.

How does it move?

A focus on movement with the chance to see at first hand how a tortoise plods and a snake slithers, and see if we can move in the same way.

Caring for animals

We discuss in simple terms why it is important to be kind to animals and protect the places where they live.

Key Stage 1 and 2

These workshops will be presented at an appropriate level for each age group

Life processes / human and other animals

An exciting hands on session in which children discover the answers to a range of questions about living things.

Living things and their environment

We introduce pupils to an exciting range of creatures and help them to discover how different species adapte to thier environment.

Variation and classification and movement

A memorable way to help pupils understand the differences between mammals, reptiles, insects and amphibians - by seeing and touching examples from each group.


How would it feel to have your skeleton on the outside? Can you count the millipede's legs? Pupils will love this hands on session in which they meet some amazing insects.

Reward for the class

A chance for children to relax and have a fun (yet educational) session. A special reward for hard work!

Feed chains and food webs

We introduce a range of creatures and help pupils to understand where they sit within the food chain and how different species depend upon each other.

Should we recycle?

We see how animals oftern recycle materials in their own environment and introduce pupils to a range of natural recyclers from reptiles to mini-beasts.


We see some amazing creatures which can be found in the rainforest, including a colour changing chameleon and a gaint african millipede which can grow up to 1000 legs!!

The effect of litter

Through the exciting experience of handling a range of creatures, we inspire pupils to consider the damaging effect of dropping litter on the natural environment. 

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